Conditions of Use

Please read through the Terms of Use before making any purchases.

TOU Updated 02/01/2010

Terms of Use for Wrapper Sets

Wrapper sets may be used for fun or profit on printed items. All wrapper sets are copyright to me and are not to be redistributed in digital format. You may provide a watermarked display on your website to advertise a printed and assembled product. All digital purchases are non-refundable.

Commercial Terms of Use for Clipart

Dainty Doodles is a licensed reseller of artwork by multiple designers. Clipart may be used for personal or commercial projects, including digital printable creations that you sell online unless otherwise noted. The original images may not be shared or resold by themselves in their original format. They must be used as part of your own design in a locked format, meaning that the original graphics cannot be removed from the design.  You must credit the original artist of any clipart when displaying digital items that you sell online.  NO FREE SHARING of digital designs is allowed. All digital purchases are non-refundable.

Terms of Use for Resellers Clipart Collections

-You may sell these collections for retail on your own website.
-You may set your own price for these collections as long as the minimum price is at least $1.00
-You may sell these collections an unlimited number of times.
-These collections may not be sold in a resellers Program.
-These collections may not be sold in a Graphics Club Program.
-You may not re-color any of the graphics and sell the re-colored graphics wholesale or retail.
-The clipart needs to be sold "as is", however, you are allowed to sell clipart singles.
-You can't mix and match various collections.
-You may not create new clipart collections by altering the clipart in any way.
-Even if you previously purchased any of these collections in the past you MUST re-purchase the reseller version.
-You may use the preview box that will provided to you after purchase to display collections on your website or you may create one of your own as long as you give credit to the original artist and state that you are a licensed reseller for Dainty Doodles.
-Due to the nature of our business refunds will not be issued. Please contact us about any concerns or questions you have before purchasing our graphics.

Thank you for respecting Terms of Use

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